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Product Recycling Fund
The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.


For the most important people in the world

Kids have a lot of work to do ¨C like developing who they are, discovering the world and then starting their journey to independence. So having the right things at home can make it a little easier. From the day you bring them home until they¡¯re almost all grown up, our children¡¯s furniture will help you turn your home into the best possible playground.

Anatomy of a
A soft toy tells the remarkable story of what he had to go through to pass IKEA's strict safety tests. In his search for answers, he also gets to the bottom of what it really means
to see things from a kid's point of view.
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Image of a green crocodile IKEA soft toy
Look deep into my embroidered eyes... Much safer than plastic or glass, which can be pulled off and could be dangerous if the little ones try to eat them.
If you think my tail is short
(and it's not!), there's a good reason for that. No more than 22cm, so there's no risk of children under 3 wrapping it around their necks.
My fabric is really safe, with no harmful chemicals. And my colour doesn¡ät come off, no matter how much you chew on me! And I can be washed in the washing machine.
I'm not saying that you should
stick your fingers up my nose, but
if you do, it's perfectly safe. My nostrils are soft and loose, so children won't get hurt or stuck.
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Let¡¯s Play For Change campaign graphics ¨C cubes with childish patterns in different colours.
¡°53% of parents would like to find their inner child and become playmates with their children.¡±
IKEA Play Report 2015
So, join us and Play For Change.
Kids designing for kids
The IKEA SAGOSKATT egg-shaped soft toy owl was drawn by a girl, 8 years old, that wanted an owl at home, but she knew that keeping a real owl was not possible. This is one of the winning ideas from our annual kids¡¯ drawing competition.
Marvel at the new SAGOSKATT soft toys from an egg-shaped owl to a happy spider ¨C designed by kids from all over the world in our yearly drawing competition.
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SAGOSKATT Soft toy 3,99€
The IKEA SAGOSKATT soft toys are all about kids designing to help other kids. It¡¯s a collection of imaginative cuddly creatures including an egg-shaped owl, a toucan with a rainbow beak and a blue ninja bird ¨C all winning ideas from our annual kids¡¯ drawing competition.

You don¡¯t have
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