Spread the holiday love. All year round.

The latest Winter collection will help you make your home a more beautiful, kinder place.

Turn it into an inviting holiday haven or an instant party venue. And why not love-bomb your friends and family with little unexpected gifts? Homemade or store bought, it doesn¡¯t matter, because it really is the thought that counts.

A service for every season
Cosy up with friends and family over the dinner table with IKEA V?SSAD. Sturdy, stain resistant, and finished with matte lacquer, it makes dining a comfortable eating space. Serve your holiday meals in style. IKEA Winter plates are dishwasher safe, and include knitted and fishbone patterns for a modern Icelandic touch.
This subtly stylish dinner service will make even the simplest of meals feel like a festive feast. Its understated design will not only let your delicious cooking shine, but also means it works for any occasion and any theme. A few simple decorative touches is all it takes.
VINTER 2017 Side plate RM12.90
The holidays are a state of mind
IKEA brings a bit of Scandinavia to gift boxes. Crafted out of paper and PET plastic with grey and white patterns, they¡¯re perfect containers for candy and homemade goodies.Make this holiday season stress free. The IKEA FEJKA is an artificial tree that folds flat, making it easy to store away until next year.
When the skies grow dark and the wind turns cold, home becomes even more important. Show your home a little extra love these holidays with decoration from the latest Winter collection.
Add a little magic
Spice up the holidays with white snowflake shaped lighting chains from the IKEA STR?LA LED series. A built-in timer turns on the lights for up to 8 hours, so you can keep the party going.Give a warm, cosy white glow to your home with IKEA Winter STR?LA LED chandelier lighting. These energy efficient hanging plastic lights resemble holly branches with a modern twist.
When you¡¯re spreading the holiday love, you want it to reach every corner of your home, right? Well, thanks to this year¡¯s Winter collection every part of your home can bathe in warm, fun and festive light. And because all of our lighting is energy-efficient LED, you can do it with a clear conscience.
Keep warm this winter
The new IKEA winter cushions are made with 100% fluffy duck feather filling inside and wool and acrylic outside. Grey, white, and black Icelandic patterns adorn the pillows.Lightweight but warm, IKEA V?SSAD throws are made of 100% wool and even stain repellent. Keep cosy and insulated this holiday under blankets!
You can never have too many cushions or throws, especially when it¡¯s cold and dark outside. In this year¡¯s Winter collection you¡¯ll find loads of ways to add softness and warmth to your home, just like the Scandinavians do.
A party is just an instant chandelier away
Decorate your holiday party the Scandinavian way with IKEA winter plastic chandeliers, shaped like crystal icicles and painted like the Northern Lights with magical teals, pinks, and blue hues.IKEA winter decorations are full of festive cheer, like these battery-operated LED holiday tree lights. A simple light stand can turn any occasion into a celebration!
Every day can be an occasion, so why not throw a party whenever you feel like it? After all, a few simple touches can turn any place into a party venue and really create that good-time feeling. Like these chandeliers. They¡¯re party hats for your living room! Hang a few of them up, add a few friends and the party¡¯s started.
Mmm... smells like love
Satisfy your sweet tooth this winter with IKEA BAKGLAD plastic pastry cutters, perfect for baking homemade cookies in four festive shapes: a bear, elk, wolf, and snowflake.IKEA winter decorations are full of festive cheer, like these battery-operated LED holiday tree lights. A simple light stand can turn any occasion into a celebration!
Nothing says ¡±holiday¡± like the smell of freshly baked ginger bread. And why keep all those delicious treats to yourself? They¡¯ll make per- fect gifts for your friends and family.