Is it really a chore if itĄ¯s this easy?

Laundry day doesnĄ¯t have to be something to dread. The trick is to make it feel less like work ¨C with smarter ways to sort, space-saving ways to dry and simpler ways to organise. And making it easier might just mean you can convince someone else to do it every once in a while.

Smart solutions that make laundry a breeze
A laundry room with floor-to-ceiling storage consisting of drying racks and shelves. Shown together with a laundry bag on castors.
A modern bathroom with integrated laundry, including ALGOT drying rack plus LILL?NGEN cabinet and washbasin in black brown
A balcony with shelving units in galvanised steel and a white drying rack with two fold-out wings.
A white bathroom with washbasin cabinet and a high cabinet with two openings in the door for sorting the laundry.
ItĄ¯s the small things that make a big difference in your everyday laundry and cleaning routine. Don't be worried about animal hairs, dust and fluff. B?STIS lint roller can help you easily and quickly remove from garments, furniture and car seats. Do you want B?STIS lint roller refill?
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Let's roll it
Let's roll it
  B?STIS Lint roller RM3.50 B?STIS Lint roller RM3.50 B?STIS Lint roller RM3.50 B?STIS Lint roller RM3.50