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IKEA Restaurant
I K E A   R e s t a u r a n t
While you¡¯re at the store, take some time to relax and refresh in the IKEA Restaurant. Pop in for a quick snack or stay
for a leisurely breakfast, lunch or dinner ¨C the whole family is welcome. To keep the little ones happy we have highchairs,
changing areas and a play area, plus FREE baby food with any purchase. Among the Swedish-style dishes and
local specials on the menu you¡¯ll find healthy, organic and vegetarian options, so everyone leaves satisfied.
Christmas buffet dinner 22 December 2017, 5.00 pm - 7.00 pm or 7.30 pm - 10.00 am
Christmas Buffet Menu
Hot dish

- Chicken Meatball
- Veggie ball cream cheese
- Spaghetti with dried chili and bacon
- Chicken Herb
- Smoke Sausage
- Christmas Ham
- Pasta with Tomato sauce
- Hash potato with chicken
- Mushroom cream soup
- Grilled Potato
- Curry puff Chicken
- Mustard Sauce
- Sauce for meatball
- Seafood sauce
- Lingonberry Jam
Cold Plates

- Gravadlux
- Chicken roll
- Eggs with prawn
- Rye Cripsbraed/Multigain Crispbread
- Dill herring
- Mustard herring
- Red Cabbage
- Green salad
- Softroll / Butter
- Gingerthins
- Cheese
- Sesame dressing / Salad Cream
- Strawberry / Orange / Blueberry jam
- Sauce for Salmon
Dessert and Fruit

- Brownie
- Variety of mini soft cake
- Apple
Beverage included

- Softdrink
- Tea / Coffee

We are also provide(Not included)

- Beer
- Mulled Non-Alcoholic Wine +Raisin and almond mix
Early birds always
get the good things...
Get free hot coffee
at IKEA Restaurant, 9.30 - 10.00 hrs.
baby food
Kids eat well too.
Get free baby food
for kids up to 12 months of age
when purchase any adult meal.
vegetable balls tom yom broth
baked chicken leg with salad
baked chicken salad
Salmon fillet with vege medalion and lemon dill suace
breakfast set
Breakfast set
40 THB
served from 9.30 - 11.00 hrs.
Herb baked chicken with fries 50THB
Herb baked chicken with fries
50 THB
Weekday only 11.00-17.00 hrs.
Herb Bakeed Chicken with fries and Broccoli  60THB
Herb baked chicken with fries and broccoli
60 THB
Weekday only 17.00-21.30 hrs.
Fish & chips
125 THB
Wild-caught fish from MSC certified
sustainable fisheries.
fish and chips
chicken balls
Chicken balls
100 THB /10 pcs
Baked Chicken leg with rice
Baked Chicken leg with rice
125 THB
Soups (menu of the day)
55 THB
pasta veggie balls
Pasta with Chicken balls
90 THB
Salmon from an ASC certified
responsible farm.
salmon wrap
Salmon wrap
65 THB
pasta veggie balls
Pasta with Veggie balls
70 THB
Vegetarian dish
Pork knuckle
Pork knuckle
280 THB
ASC certified
Salmon from an ASC certified responsible farm.
Marinated Salmon
160 THB
salmon fillet lemon and dill sauce
Salmon fillet with lemon and dill sauce
200 THB
Veggie ball wheat pilaf tomato
Veggie ball with Wheat Pilaf & tomato sauce
80 THB
Veggie ball wheat pilaf spicy
Veggie ball with Wheat Pilaf & Spicy sauce
80 THB
25 THB
caesar salad
Caesar salad
65 THB
veggie medal
Vegetable medallion
40 THB
25 THB/ea
Pasta with tomato sauce
Pasta with tomato sauce
45 THB
Sm?les member's price 35 THB
French fries
35 THB
sausage bacon
Sausage and bacon roll
20 THB/ea
garlic bread
Garlic bread
15 THB/2 pcs
seaweed salad
Seaweed salad
25 THB
blueberry raspberry cake
?Cheesecake blueberry & raspberry
85 THB
Almond cake with Daim
Almond cake with Daim
75 THB
apple cake
Apple cake
75 THB
princess cake
Cream cake with marzipan
60 THB
cinnamon bun
Cinnamon bun
25 THB/ea