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Security Co-worker
We Patrol and guard the store and ensure we protect our premises, property, assets etc.
We ensure the fire exits are properly locked and sealed, smooth flow of traffic; prevent shoplifting, prevent smoking in the store; prevent pilferage by staff; to handle emergency situations. We monitor CCTV and the access control system.
Checkout Services Co-worker
We ensure our check-out service is fast and efficient for our customers and cost-effective for the IKEA store. We ensure payment is handled in a reliable, efficient, accurate and friendly way.
We always aim to create a positive experience for our customers, so they will want to return and shop with us again over time. We use the IKEA tools and expertise of our colleagues to support us in achieving this.
IKEA Food Co-Worker
We work together with the team to support sales and convert visitors to customers by fulfilling the purpose of our function.
We strive towards making people smile while providing irresistible food offers in a welcoming atmosphere that gives our customers a good reason to return. We focus on our customers and seek (and act on) feedback.
Available jobs
How to apply
We give down-to-earth, straightforward people the opportunity to grow as individuals and professionals. Together we work to create a better everyday life for ourselves and our customers.
Applying for a job at IKEA is easy.
1:Submit your cover letter and CV containing any information you feel is relevant. (Remember that a good cover letter says more about who you are and where you¡¯re at than 100 diplomas)
Jobs at IKEA Kuwait
2:Kick back and relax. We¡¯ll notify you when we¡¯ve received your application and keep you posted.