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Let the lamp show who you are
A vintage touch (without the dust!)
The IKEA REMSTA armchair brings the 1960s to the modern era, with mixed velvet covers in dark blue, dark grey or yellow-beige. Compact and neat enough to fit in any room, it’s a look that will never go out of style.
Add a vintage touch to your home with the small REMSTA armchair in fixed velvet covers ¨C based on a design that was in the IKEA range in the 1960s.
Every rug made truly unique
Close-up picture showing IKEA KOLLUND wool rug with a hexagonal pattern in various grey colours. The rug is handwoven in different pile heights, that gives a nice tactile experience underfoot.
Give a nice tactile experience to the floor with KOLLUND rug, uniquely handwoven in different pile heights in a hexagonal pattern that stimulates the senses.
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Simplicity meets playfulness
The IKEA FLOTTEBO sofa-bed with dark grey cover has loose cushions that can be moved freely depending on how you want to sit or style the sofa.
Make a playful statement in the living room with the cool, minimalist FLOTTEBO sofa bed thatĄ¯s made with great comfort for both sitting and sleeping. Loose cushions can be moved freely depending on how you want to sit.
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The new STOCKHOLM 2017 collection:
Scandinavian modernity and comfort
A carefully curated collection, designed to mix and blend in with what you already have at home ¨C made from natural and tactile materials such as rattan, hand-blown glass and ash. Scandinavian modernity of the highest quality in form, function and materials. Made to use and enjoy, every day.
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Seating thatĄ¯s ready for anything
Need room for sleeping or storage? Have a small space or big family? VALLENTUNA can handle it all. ItĄ¯s a modular series, which means you can pick a ready combination thatĄ¯s right for you or combine several pieces to create a personalised seating solution. There are seat modules with built-in bed or storage, regular seating, armrests and different sizes backrests to choose fromĄĒall designed with comfort in mind.

Watch the film about VALLENTUNA, our most flexible sofa so far.
Download the VALLENTUNA buying guide (PDF)
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From private to social
VALLENTUNA sofa series consists of free-standing modules that can be combined into any shape, colour or size you want. Variate your seat depth, seat direction, height of back and ways of sleeping. Gather on the sofa but do your own thing - you donĄ¯t even need to face the same direction or sit in the same way.
A sofa combination in orange and black/beige, that seats three, consisting of corner modules and a sofa-bed module.
Make it a bed
Turn VALLENTUNA to a bed in a second using the seat module with bed that converts quickly from a seat to a comfy bed for any good nightĄ¯s sleep. The sleep comfort is great thanks to pocket springs and a mattress pad, making it a bed for every night.
A sofa combination in grey and black/beige consisting of one-seat modules and a sofa-bed module.
Nicely hidden
With the free-standing modules you can easily add smart functions like practical storage modules for bedding, computers, toys and all sorts of things at hand and choose covers to suit your style. The possibilities of creating a unique and personal sofa are endless.
A close-up of a black/beige one-seat module combined with a beige footstool with storage.