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Planning tools

Give shape and substance to your dreams with IKEA Planning Tools. Plan your dream kitchen, your perfect office or your wardrobe storage system before making any financial commitments. You can play with colours, styles, sizes and configurations to plan your way to perfection with our easy to use planning tools.

Kitchen planner

Make the most of your existing kitchen space and avoid common design mistakes with our user-friendly Kitchen planners.

Bathroom planner

Get inspired, choose your favourite combination and draw your floor plan with our easy to use Bathroom planner.


Plan a flexible and customisable wardrobe storage system that works around you using our PAX Planner.


The BEST? Planner makes planning the perfect living room storage solution possible.


Create a sofa to suit your needs, now and in the future by using our simple VIMLE Planner.


Get creative with the ALGOT Planner and design your ideal storage solution, suitable for multiple uses that looks great in any room.


With modules available for storage or sleeping, you can create the ideal seating solution with the VALLENTUNA Planner.


Choose your combination with the ELVARLI Plannerso you can create storage that’s a perfect fit for your space and style.


Design asymmetric or unexpected wall and floor storage solutions with the EKET Planner.


From deep seats and moveable back cushions the S?DERHAMN Planner makes it easy to create a modular sofa that fits the way you relax.

View it in 3D, try as many designs as you like and get a detailed product list. Then save it or print your plan and visit your local IKEA store or call us to find out how you can turn your plan into action.

Please note that for security reasons we cannot download information from your personal storage device, such as a USB memory stick or CD in an IKEA store.